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Special notice: Daycare is now open on Tuesday through Saturday. All dogs must be current with rabies and kennel cough vaccines. In order to meet social distancing standards required by the Alameda County Department of Public Health, we have made some significant changes: 

  1. Only two clients will be admitted to the reception area at a time to drop off their dogs. Others will wait outside -- six feet apart -- until admitted.
  2. Clients arriving to drop of their dogs should ring the bell at the door of the faciity. A member of the staff will invite you in when space in the reception area is available.
  3. Clients will be required to wear masks while inside the facility. For the protection of our staff and other clients, no one will be admitted without one.
  4. Clients picking up dogs afte rdaycare will call us from outside the shop to make payment by credit card and make future reservations. Dogs will be brought outside by the daycare staff.
Leave your small or medium-sized dog (under 30 lbs) with us while you work or run errands. Your pet will play with other dogs cage-free in a home-like environment under the watchful eyes of our professional daycare attendants.

We have a large play area for the most active dogs and another small one for dogs that need a bit of a rest. The room is air-conditioned for hot days and has a fireplace to keep the dogs cozy on cold days. We keep our guests supplied with clean water and run an air purifier round the clock. If they have an accident, we clean it up right away to keep the room fresh and sanitary. 

We will take them for a walk outside during the day and spend time with them while they are inside. We also have a naptime from 1 to 2 pm every afternoon to allow them to recharge their batteries. We want their day to be as comfortable as if they were staying in their own home...and more fun!

We screen dogs carefully before accepting them into daycare, so you don't have to worry about your dog being around aggressive dogs. In fact, it's a great opportunity for shy dogs to get used to being around other dogs and learn some new social skills. It's a great way to socialize new puppies, too.

We offer a special daycare/grooming package, too. If you want to leave your dog with us all day on the day of a grooming appointment, we'll give you a full day of daycare for the cost of a half day.

 Daycare is available by appointment only 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week. We have a maximum capacity and can't guarantee availability without a reservation, so it's always best to call ahead.


Spayed or neutered dogs only for daycare and pet hotel!


 Follow this link to our daycare room webcam 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The webcam is not currently functional. We apologize for the inconvenience.