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Groomer Training

Learn to be a Groomer from the Professionals at Under One Woof

Pet groomers are in great demand, but there has not been a grooming school in Northern California for over a decade. Correspondence courses with little to no hands-on instruction have been the only alternative for people in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Under One Woof has launched its own groomer training program to fill that need and help people learn the skills necessary to get a good-paying job grooming dogs and cats.

Our three-month, full-time Groomer Mentorship Program provides intensive, hands-on instruction from working professionals at Under One Woof. Master Groomer Seiji Morikawa and three other members of our grooming staff have been trained in Japanese-style grooming techniques that are growing in popularity throughout the United States but are taught in very few grooming schools in the country.

Students work on pets brought in by our regular clients. Clients are advised that their pets are being groomed by a student under the supervision of the master groomer.

The program is designed for the needs of both beginners and more experienced groomers seeking to sharpen their skills. Only two students will be admitted at any one time so the curriculum can be tailored to their needs based on an assessment of their skills. Students who complete the program will be eligible for employment at Under One Woof.

The cost of the program is $2,500, payable in installments at the beginning of each month. Groomers will be expected to provide their own equipment, which generally costs $650. Groomers without equipment will be assisted in selecting the right tools.

If you are looking for a new challenge or a new career working with pets, please download the following documents for more information and an application for admission, then contact us at to schedule an interview.

Grooming Mentorship Program Description              Grooming Mentorship Program Terms and Conditions                Grooming Mentorship Application for Admission



Ella is one of our graduating students that has gone through our grooming mentorship program. 

We sat down and asked her about the experience she had while attending class here at Under One Woof. 


The stages of being in pet grooming school to learn a technique that was completely new to me was definitely challenging. Stepping out of my comfort zone, yet, to do something I have a genuine passion for, truly was life-changing. The journey to the "unknown" was very daring of me and not to mention, my limit was tested every day.

In the beginning, I struggled with learning how to properly use the clipper and always questioned whether I have the correct position to comfortably clip the dog. I was so afraid that the clipper would cut the skin that it took over 2 weeks to start getting the hang of it. When others asked what I disliked the most at that point, it had to be nail-trimming. I would sweat so much because I'll get too nervous to cut/grind their nails, that on an average, it would take me at least 30 minutes to finish their nail trim. I still don't enjoy nail trim nor do our fur clients like getting their nails done. 

When it came to touching up the body and making that perfect round Japanese style face, it required a very detailed and careful scissoring technique. Many told me the scissoring is what takes the longest time to get used to. Since day one of training until today, I have been grooming a little over 5 months and I cannot say with absolute confidence that I have got the scissoring down. I'm still learning to perfect my scissoring skills while trying to find my own personal rhythm. But everything was possible to overcome through constant repetition and practice. 

With all honesty, I was uncertain whether this course of life would be for the best or for worse because I felt I was not good enough. The goal to become a professional pet groomer seemed so farfetched, but I took a chance with the support of my wonderful husband and family members. Also, I cannot stress enough the amount of appreciation I have for my mentor, Seiji, who patiently and carefully taught me to be the groomer I am today. The support, help and time that others took, whom I call my colleagues now, showed me their style of grooming which has played a huge part in helping me progress, grow and complete this pet grooming class. 

When I first started, I remember Seiji saying, "Ella, you will be surprised at yourself of what you can do after you have finished with school." I have to say, I am surprised and proud of what I can accomplish with our fur clients.



-Ella Aguirre


 When Ella began the grooming mentorship program I knew right away that she would become a good groomer.  She was very detail orientated from the beginning, especially with scissor work and face trim.  I decided to hire her after she completed the mentorship because Ella is bright and has good potential to be an excellent groomer.


-Seiji Morikawa