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First of all, thank you for being such loyal customers of Under One Woof. Due to the rising cost of doing business and to keep everything running smoothly, we’ve found it necessary to slightly increase prices effective January 1, 2019

Any daycare package purchased before January 1, 2019 will be honored at 2018 rates. Hotel reservations already scheduled in 2019 will be at the new rate.


The holiday season fast approaching, we have limited availability for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday 2018.

If you anticipate that your pet is going to need to stay with us over the holidays,

please call us now to book your reservation while they are still available.




Grooming services (including walk-in services) will not be available, Tuesday, July 3 and Wednesday, July 4, 2018. 
Our grooming department will be closed to observe the Fourth of July holiday and will reopen on July 5th 2018.

Daycare/ Hotel will still be open during the holiday weekend. 
We still have a few available opening for both Daycare/Hotel. Please give us a call to book your reservations.


We are delighted to announce a new additional to our staff who specializes in grooming techniques popularized in Japan. Grooming Specialist Maya has been grooming for 10 years,she earned her certificate in dog grooming at Pretty Dog Grooming School in Kochi. At Under One Woof, She will not only groom, but will instruct our other groomers in Japanese style. Please join us in welcoming Maya to the staff.




Michael Fegan has been promoted to Bathing Supervisor. Michael joined Under One Woof in March of 2017 and has proven himself to be an excellent Bather. Michael new duties include overseeing the bathing department staff in addition to grooming his daily clients. Please join everyone at Under One Woof in congratulating Michael on a well-earned promotion.




Dear customers,

It's been a pleasure and an honor to work with both your beloved pet and you this past year. Thank you for giving the

opportunity of letting the staff here atUnder One Woof care for your dogs. Due to the rising cost of doing business the

rates for the Daycare/Hotel Department will be slightly increased this year. Beginning Monday, February 26, 2018 the

new rates will take effect.


We have simplified our pricing structure by eliminating seasonal pricing.

Any reservation or daycare package purchase completed before Monday, February 26 will be honored at 2017 rates.





We are overjoyed to announce Ella is the newest addition to our grooming department.

She has complete the rigorous three-month probation period to become a member of the Under One Woof staff.

Please join us in congratulating Ella and welcoming her to our staff.


South Coast Pet Dental is offering a special for all new clients for National Pet Dental Month.

Beginning January 2nd through March 14th new clients will receive $10.00 off their initial cleaning.

If you're interested in getting your pet in for an appointment.

Please give us a call today and we'll be happy to schedule your appointment.



We're delighted to introduce Steven Renteria as our newest member to our grooming staff. Steven has been working in the pet grooming industry for over 7 years. He has extensive experience with grooming a wide variety of breeds.Please join us in welcoming Steven to the staff.



New Renovation in our Daycare/Hotel Playroom


Renovations in our Daycare/ Hotel playroom now are complete, making the area safer, cleaner and more comfortable for all the dogs in our care.. The first thing you'll notice is the beautiful new flooring throughout the entire room, which not only looks nice but will also be easier to clean and will help combat bacteria.

New fences were installed to expand one of our quiet areas for dogs that might need a break from the pack and make sure all the dogs are kept securely in the room. We reconfigured the other separate space by the front windows to create more room for other dogs if the area is not needed as a quiet space. New plastic paneling along the walls of the entire playroom will help us keep the area clean and odor-free throughout the day. We are excited with the new improvements to the daycare/hotel and look forward to seeing all our clients enjoy them.







 Attention Daycare/Hotel Customers:


From Saturday, October 21st through Monday, October 30th the Daycare/Hotel Department will be closed.

We are going to do some exciting renovations to the Playroom!! Our grooming services will still be available during the renovations.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.




New  Hotel/Daycare Policy

In order to better protect all the dogs in our care, we now require that all boarding dogs show proof of up-to-date rabies and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines before we schedule a boarding stay.

 This will make hotel check-ins faster and ensure that there is no miscommunication when it comes to ensuring that vaccines are current.

 In a kennel-free environment like the one we have, it is crucial that all dogs be up-to-date on vaccines. Thank you for your understanding, Please let us know if you have any questions.


Congratulations are in order for four members of our staff who have reached important milestones

Naomi Mori has been promoted to Grooming Supervisor. Naomi joined Under One Woof in June of 2015 and has proven herself to be an exemplary groomer with a high quality work ethic. Naomi’s new duties include a wide range of administration responsibilities in overseeing the grooming department staff while providing training to groomers in advance techniques in addition to grooming her daily clients. 

Mike Fegan has promoted to Lead Bather. Mike joined us a Bather in March 2017 and has demonstrated the skill required to oversee the bathing function as well as bathe dogs and cats.

Two additional employees have completed their intensive three-month training programs to become members of the staff.

Vanessa Serratos has been promoted to Junior Receptionist. She has shown superb skills in being able to support our busy reception department and maintain our grooming schedule in an efficient manner.

Charlie Nigh has been promoted to Bather. During his training program, he did a great job learning all the techniques necessary to be sure dogs and cats are bathed and rinsed thoroughly and safely in a manner that enables the groomers to pamper and style all our charming clients. Charlie has also learned how to trim nails, clean ears and express anal glands.

Naomi Mori,Grooming Supervisor       Mike Fegan, Lead Bather   Vanessa Serrato, Jr. Receptionist              Charlie Nigh, Bather


Under One Woof named one of best in Bay Area

Under One Woof has been named to the list of the 18 best groomers in the San Francisco Bay Area by the website Expertise. The rating was based on our reputation, credibility, expertise, availabilty and professionalism. Thanks to all our customers who helped us easrn this distinction. We'll do out best to continue to earn your trust.


Under One Woof adopts higher quality grooming techniques not available in most other grooming facilities in the U.S.

Japan has been recognized as a center or excellence for many forms of technology, but it has also set the world standard in an unexpected area – pet grooming.

In order to be certified in Japan, groomers must complete a rigorous two-year training program which includes instruction in both grooming technique and animal health. Graduates of this program are not only highly skilled groomers but have knowledge equivalent to a veterinarian technician in the U.S.

The grooming technique taught in these schools has taken the world by a storm. Relying on hand-scissoring rather than clippers, this method creates a more sculpted look than the more casual American style and allows groomers to more readily keep up with the latest trends in grooming.

This style of grooming has become increasingly popular in the United States, but most American grooming shops don’t offer it. Under One Woof is fortunate to have the services of highly skilled groomers trained this specialized technique.

Grooming Specialist and Instructor Yuto Uchida earned an A-license certificate (the highest level of certification in Japan) in Pet Care Studies from SOLA Okinawa High Technology Institute in Japan in 2006 and has been grooming for  9 years. He was groomer and grooming instructor in Tokyo for six years before opening up his own grooming salon. Yuto grooms all breeds but is especially valued for his work with poodles, bichons and shih tzus, having won numerous competitions for his trimming. At Under One Woof, he will not only groom, but will instruct our other groomers.  

 Grooming Specialist and Instructor Naomi Ikeda earned a certificate in Pet Care Studies covering both grooming and animal health and has been grooming for six years in Australia and Japan. She was a Groomer/Instructor at Precious Puppies Salon and Grooming Academy in Sydney, Australia, later serving as Lead Groomer/Salon Manager at both Animayu Pet Grooming and Dog Days Cafe, both in Tokyo. In both locations, she was responsible for grooming pets and supervising the grooming staff, providing them training in advanced grooming techniques.




Grooming and Animal Health Specialist Maiko Nihei has been grooming for 7 years. She earned a certificate in Pet Care Studies from Tokyo Aiken School in Tokyo in 2008. The school taught  grooming and animal health care in its two-year curriculum. Maiko later worked five years for the Yamauchi Animal Center in Tokyo, where she mastered the hand-scissor grooming technique, specializing in poodles, Yorkies and labradoodles. She has an extensive background in animal health care which will enable us to do a more complete job of assessing the health of all pets in our care.

Here's how dogs look when groomed with these advanced techniques...



New Daycare and Hotel Assessment Policy

In order to assure the safety and comfort of all dogs in our daycare and pet hotel, we have enhanced our assessment policy. Dogs must complete a two-hour behaivorial assessment in the daycare playroom prior to being booked for their first visit. They will be given a provisional approval if they pass this initial assessment, then must successfully complete at least three half days of daycare before being given final approval. Dogs must complete this whole daycare assessment process before being booked in our pet hotel. Please plan accordingly if you want to book your dog for our pet hotel.

Naptime and Playtime added to Daycare/Hotel Schedule

To be sure that all our guests get some rest as well as have a bit of fun, we've set aside one hour every afternoon from 1 to 2 pm for naptime, followed by another hour of special playtime activities led by the Daycare Attendant from 2 to 3 pm. This is, of course, in addition to the walks they are getting and the chance to play with other dogs all day long. It's just like summer camp! 

Space Added to Daycare/Pet Hotel Area


Just in time for the holiday season, we've added a new "quiet room" to our daycare/pet hotel area. This not only creates a special, separate space for dogs that need some peace and quiet, it adds capacity to the room, enabling us to care for 5 to 8 additional dogs.


Flea Season Peaks -- Protect Your Pet

We're seeing lots of dogs coming into grooming, daycare and the pet hotel with fleas. Keeping your dog free of fleas helps us keep the flea population in our shop under control. Please treat your dog (and cat!) regularly with a fleat treatment recommended by your vet.

New Play Structure in Daycare/Pet Hotel

The guests in our Daycare and Pet Hotel room have a brand new play set to frolic on. We call it "the castle" and it certainly makes them feel like kings and queens! Some of them play on it, some of them just curl up and take a nap. However they use it, it's a hit.



Grooming Discounts Discontinued

Since the economic downturn started in 2008, we have kept our overall grooming prices the same. Other than making minor adjustments to grooming fees for existing clients each year to keep them aligned with our standard prices, we have not raised prices in six years.

Although the slow economic recovery has kept inflation low, our costs have increased as we have grown. Costs for supplies, insurance and personnel have grown faster than inflation over the last few years. This is especially true in the area of staffing where we have hired more experienced staff and increased the compensation of existing staff as their skills and experience have grown.

Rather than raise our prices to address these cost increases, we have decided to discontinue our special grooming discounts. Effective April 1, the 10% discount on the first groom, the 100% discount on the tenth groom and the 50% discount on every tenth groom thereafter will be eliminated. (Customers who have nine grooms toward a discount as of April 1 will still receive the discount on the next groom.)

We know these discounts are popular, but by charging everyone the same price for the same groom, we will be able to maintain prices as they are while dealing with increased costs.

We hope you will understand the need for us to take this step. We appreciate your loyalty and support and pledge to continue to maintain the highest standards of skill and service. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Seiji Morikawa, owner


Groomers Learn About Asian Freestyle Techniques at Seminar



Seiji and the whole grooming staff (above, left) went to Pasadena to attend a series of seminars on Asian Freestyle grooming techniques (above, right). The seminars included an introduction by award-winning groomer Koko Tanaka, who was instrumental in introducing the techniques to the U.S. The groomers are bring back some exciting new grooming ideas to try out. Here are some pictures of cute pups done in the Asian Freesyle:



Under One Woof voted "Best Place to Board Pets"

Alameda Magazine readers have voted Under One Woof as the "Best Place to Board Pets." See the online version or check out page 48 of the print edition. Thanks to all who voted for us!

Under One Woof among top 10 groomers in San Francisco A-List

Under One Woof has once again finished in the top 10 in the San Francisco A List voting for best pet grooming shop in the entire Bay Area -- 6th overall out of 52 nominees and the highest ranking in Alameda County!  See SF A List website and click on our name for some of the comments left by our loyal supporters. Thanks to all who voted for us. 

Under One Woof Honored by Bay Woof Magazine Readers

Readers of Bay Woof magazine have included Under One Woof among the top four dog groomers in the Bay Area -- and the only one in the East Bay. See category #29 in the 2013 Beast of the Bay awards. We were also voted one of the top groomers in the Bay Area in ABC-TVs "A-List" poll last spring and were named "Best Place to Board Your Dog" in Alameda Magazine last summer. Our thanks to all who voted for us.

Under One Woof in the News

Alameda Magazine, Jan-Feb 2011

Alameda Sun, December 2011

Alameda Journal, April 2012

Two members of our staff have completed their intensive three-month training and have joined the Daycare/Pet Hotel staff. Both have demonstrated exemplary skills and a genuine commitment to the safety and comfort of our canine guests. Oscar Renteria (above) will be the Daycare/Hotel Coordinator, responsible for overall program administration. Caitlyn Watts will be one the Hotel Attendants weekday mornings, handling check-ins and phone calls as well as assisting with morning walks. Congratulations to them both!